Nighthaunt Black Coach

For February we have the Nighthaunt Black Coach. A large centre piece model. Simple with nice details, the horses probably took the longest to paint

In the coffin is a chained vampire which if you leave the lid removable.

All in all a very nice model for your Nighthaunt collection

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The Thorns of the Briar Queen

First in for 2020 are Warhammer Underworlds “The Thorns of the Brair Queen” from season 2

This is a nice 7 Model warband with the Brair Queen herself as the standout and 6 other nice looking chainrasps. Available from Games Workshop without their underworld card set for £15 they are much better value than buying the normal chainrasp set as a stand alone but even better they will be available for £7.99 in Issue 6 of the “Mortal Reams” collection magazine which has just launched in the UK (which I will take a look at soon[tm])


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The Last Two Miniatures of 2019 to be Painted

While 2019 Started off with Heavy Gear miniatures and getting them painted, the last quarter of 2019 has been all about the Nighthaunt. They are great models even if mostly mono-pose. The Citadel contrast paints have really help me bring these models to life after a few less successful attempts at them. As such the final models of 2019 are the two easy build Dreadblade Harrows

More Nighthaunt to come and hopefully I can bring some of my other armies up to standard in 2020

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More Underworlds Shadespire Warbands Complete

From Season 1 with have Ironjawz Ironskull’s Boyz. I added some “blood for the blood god” to the weapons and bits of the armour. I had some problems with the eyes and I’m not 100% happy with them

And from Season 2 with have Stormsire’s Cursebreakers. Nice models the hands are a bit confusing though if its is actually armoured or more like black gloves which it is painted as in some examples. I just went with the standard armour colour.

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My Growing Nighthaunt Procession

I did it, in just over 2 months I painted all the Nighthaunt I got myself in September

I was worried about painting Lady Olynder, Mortarch of Grief but I think it came out quite nice, unlike most of the other stuff the final step was dry-brushing ulthuan grey. Sadly I broken the vines on the base while painting it as the model is quite wobbly. So I recommend leaving them off until you have painted the main model.

The main part of the force is made up of the kits from Soul Wars

For the chainrasps I only made one lot of 10 as the other 10 are identical. Apart from of course 1 model with can be made two different ways, thanks Games Workshop. I might just make up that one in the other variant.

Next we have the easy built Myrmourn Banshee’s and Glaivewraith Stalkers set that are available separately or with the Stormstrike starter set.

The last model here is a Knight of Shrouds I had previously painted. However I did redo the ghost effect as it was looking quite rough. But I forget to take a new picture of that one. Still to join once I finish them are 2 Dreadblade Harrows and the Thorns of the Briar Queen. I hope to have them done soon then I can move on to the other sets I am missing that are been sold in the Nighthaunt Christmas box set.

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My Nighthaunt have arrived

September has come around again and as per an almost yearly tradition so does a purchase of a new Games Workshop army for myself. This year its the Nighthaunt that have taken my fancy. I was quite happy with how my banshee’s and Glaivewraith’s came out so it was now time to add some more.

The best and most cost effective starting point seemed to me to be the items from the Age of Sigmar starter sets. Apart from the chainrasp the sets are not currently available separately (unless you go on ebay) so in order to get everything I went with the larger “Soul Wars” set and sold off the Stormcast and 1 set of Chainrasps (which I am now thinking maybe I should have kept them but oh well). Been almost completely mono-pose miniatures I really only been one lot. The only one that has an option is one chainrasp that can either be in stocks or holding candles.

The second sprue contained Grimghast Reaper’s and Glaivewraith Stalker’s. The Stalker’s are different from the easy build ones so that is good. We also get a Lord Executioner which is quite a nice model but due to how it is build it can feel a bit “wobbly” when picked up. Both these spures are part of the smaller “Tempest of Soul” set but are cast in green instead.

Lastly from the starter set are these 3, a Knight of Shrouds, a guardian of souls and a Spirit Torment. Interesting models and I did not want to miss out on these.

I also picked up a Lady Olynder, Mortarch of Grief. Its a nice looking model and I’m not sure how to paint it yet. I would say it is one of the worst Games Workshop models I have put together, its just difficult to get everything to go together well. The spirit on the left is a complete pain to attach with all the flowing tendrils and has since fallen off for me.

I also picked up a few Grey Knight bits, a Hive Tyrant and got a copy of the Nightvault before it can discontinued for the Briar Queen but they have not been put together yet.

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My Latest Age of Sigmar Figures and Some Iron Warriors

Old and some new paints to some of my long time desk residents, its always nice to try a few different scheme while working on a lot of one particular type.

I went with mostly contrast paints for the above two nighthaunt miniatures, the Aethermatic Blue has really helped me do quick and easy ghostly effects. Still trying to get hold of an Apothecary white to give it a try on the banshee but the white I used is fine for now.

Next up is an Iron Jawz orc from the Shadespire set. I tried the contrast yellow but was not keen on it as a finish. Really helped me paint the other yellow over the top though. The Ork Flesh is a bit dark really (it looks lighter in the picture) but it is fine and gives a good effect. With added Blood for the Blood God

And finally finished the remaining 5 30k Iron Warriors I had left to do. I tried the new Iron Warriors base paint on them. It is every so slightly different but especially once washes are applied you can hardly tell the difference between it and the lead bleacher

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Test Out Games Workshop Contrast Paints

Contrast Paints where all the rage recently so I decided to test them out with things I might be painting up.

I got myself a few colours that where in stock and ones I thought might be useful. Also if you want to use them you really need a suitable base colour to apply them over so I got the base “Wraithbone” and “Grey Seer” base colours. First I tried applying them to various models to see if the base coats where suitable for how I wanted to paint the miniatures I had ready.

I mostly had gears ready for painting but also some Death Guard I though I would try it out on. Different colours seem to need to be applied differently to get results you want. I did not care for the greys, they don’t really work for the southern colour schemes. The black, red, green and brown where interesting and warrant further trials.

Next up I tried the red on some Dark Imperium Primaris I had not finished. Been called Flesh Tearers Red I though I would give them a go. These had multiple coats of both the red and the black when used on the armour. One coat on the weapons work well and give a good effect. I do not care for using contrast paints and parts that are suppose to be metallic, so the usually paint and wash is my preferred method.

I got myself a few more colours and looked further into schemes for the chaos space marines I had on my desk. The Akhelain Green seems to work well for thousand sons and the “Volupus Pink” and “Skeleton Horde” helped finish up the Plague Marine.

I went back to the gears, I tried the grey agian but was still not happy with them. I progressed the “Aggaros Dunes” Leopard which I think made a good brownish Northern Gear colour scheme.

All in all, I’d say they are worth a look but it does depend on what you are painting and how you want to paint it to decide how right they are for you.

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Bring Arts Nier Figures 2B, Kainé and Machine Lifeforms

Today we will have a quick look at the Bring Arts Nier Figures. Nier is spin off 2 game franchise by Square Enix. The 2nd one Nier: Automata was something of a hit and appeared on PC, PS4 and Xbox. Unfortunately if you want the play the first game in the series you need a PS3, however it is also almost completely unnecessary to understand automata aside from a few Easter eggs.

Bring Arts are 6″ Figures, however compairing them to other 6″ figures I have they are a bit on the small side. The first Nier release was 2B which also came with a machine. If we look at 2B first, she comes with a sword, unmasked head, Pod 042, swap able hands, weapon holding ring and a stand. Pod and the weapon ring can be attached to the stand but not he figure and as such the figure is really meant to be displayed with the stand.

The other part of the set is the machine lifeform who comes with a bucket. This particular one has the non-hostile eyes. This has a nice paint job and I just love the designs of the robots in this series.

The 2nd release was a 2 pack of machine lifeforms. They start as the same base of the one which came with 2B but has hostile eyes and loads of accessories. First up is one set of full size legs, which should be used with the supplied stand otherwise it is very hard to stand. Various weapons, a sword, replacements for the arms which mount a gun or saw blade

Finally we have Kainé from the original Nier game (RepliCant/Gestalt). Much like 2B she comes with the same stand, 2 Swords and swappable hands. She also comes with Emil’s head

As for other releases in this line, A2 and 9S are out in Japan at this point, a revised 2B is also on the way, as well as a Nier figure from Replicant.

Also widely available for whatever reason are Knock-Offs of these figures. So if you see one for sale for around $15/£13 its probably one of these. You can tell its a KO by the paint on the robot that is nowhere near as good as the original and the copyright information is not present on the back. KO 2B has loose hands that do not grip very well, the top of the stand is not textured but fully clear and just generally not a well made.

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Iron Factory War Giant (IF-EX22 EX23 EX24) and Catastrophe (IF-EX24X)

Combiner, Gestalt, special team, whichever your preferred name are the power house in any given battle. The exact size of the combined form in any given scale is open for debate which ultimately leads to a compromise between individual bot size, parts forming parts and total combined size. Here we are taking a look at a legends scale combiner by Iron Factory; War Giant and its recolour Catastrophe. First off the Individual bots.

This of course is a 3rd Party representation of the combaticons, original sold in 3 sets of 2 figures, IF-EX22, IF-EX23 and IF-EX24 these are fully transformable and each have their own weapons

Now your probably wondering what the 6th figure which was part of IF-EX24 is and if you are thinking it is the combined parts are something similar, you would be quite wrong.

In fact we have a recolour of IF-EX16 as combiner hunter Arcee with her massive sword. Sadly there is no equivalent in the IF-EX24X Catastrophe set.

Speaking of IF-EX24X it is the recolour which was only sold as a compete set. It is a representation of RID2000 Baldigus/Ruination, which was a 2000 reuse of the original combaticons toys and designs in different colour scheme in a completely separate show. As already stated there was no IF-EX16 recolour nor did it have a gun version of Shockwave which was present in the original IF-EX24 set. Speaking of the combiner parts.

Rather handily the combiner parts combine by themselves into a free standing bust type thing which is great for storage. The weapon also combine into a large rife which are far as combining weapons go is very well done.

The combined form is also quite will done. Good articulation, the chest and legs stay together very well, however the arm conections are not the best been more peged in that actually connected. It is quite easy to disconnect them while trying to position them but are easy enough to reattach.

The original comes with a non-transformable Shockwave in gun form, it can also hold the IF-EX21 in gun mode but it is a bit bigger. All in all a great set with a more uncommon repaint which also looks good. The use of parts forming helps the size of the combined form while keeping the individual bots in line with the other iron factory figures. It is not quite as big as the maketoys combiners I already have but as it is unlikely there will be any more released I am happy enough with this scale and hope to see others

As a final note if your after this set be careful buying them as individual sets. IF-EX21 is almost impossible to find, I luckily found my set on Amazon Japan of all places, it was over the usual retain but as I already had the other sets so there was not much choice.

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