30k Thousand Sons Contemptor Dreadnought

Finished my 30k Thousand Sons Contemptor Dreadnought. It is a nice sculpt but the actual posing options (non) and one alternative arm option make it a one and done purchase. Not worth the £35 Games workshop are asking for it, in fact considering an easy build Redemptor is £25 which is bigger, this quite frankly a complete rip-off.

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How does the Size of Heavy Gear Blitz Models Compare to Other Miniatures

You maybe wondering how the Heavy Gear plastic miniatures compare to others. Heavy Gear Blitz miniatures are a different scale to many war games which use a similar size miniature. The scale of Heavy Gear Blitz is 1/144 so think N gauge (Note to further confuse gauge is not the same as scale) model train compatible. So lets have a look and compare with some Games Workshop miniatures

So from left to right:

HG plastic Cheetah,
GW plastic Cadian trooper
HG plastic Hunter
GW plastic 30k Space Marine
HG plastic Jaguar
GW plastic 30k Terminator
HG plastic Kodiak
GW Adeptus Titanicus Imperial Questoris Knight
GW Original Tau Battlesuit

So while a similar hight to a normal 30k space marine the HG jaguar and hunter are smaller frame with the parts been not as thick.

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Warhammer 30K Space Marines

Back in the middle of 2018, Games Workshop had two great Horus Heresy or 30k boxed sets available (Betrayal at Calth and the Burning of Prospero) which provided cost effected access to the then new plastic 30k range. Which in true Games Workshop fashion then killed off with no warning and no replacement similar product leaving people to now spend £30 on each 10 man squad. It was good while it lasted.

We had Mark III and IV power armour squads, Terminators, Adeptus Custodes, Sisters of Silence and some charters

Who know maybe we can expect a new 30k boxed set in 2019, but then it is games workshop we are dealing with here.

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Warhammer 40k Thousand Sons Rubric Marine Squad

When I saw the new (2016) Thousand Sons Space marine releases and the guide on the Warhammer TV youtube page I decided I had to have a go.

So I did. And following the basic steps in the video this is how I got on.

1) Gratz I put them together. Aside from dropping and losing one of the sorcerers hip guards and have to cut a replacement off one of the spare cloths.
2) So then base coat in Retributor armour, I did not feel like paying £15 for the spray so painted it from the pot over a black undercoat
3) Next a Reikland Fleshshade wash, it really brings out the detail and looks really good.
4) Then add the Thousand Sons Blue
5) A wash of Nuln Oil
6) Then I did quite a few things and some are a bit messy at that. The yellow bands on the head (I could not mange the ones on the legs) and base for the cloth items

I then I focused on cleaning up these standard bolter gunned 6.
The end result was quite good by my usual standards and miles above the last time I painted Thousand Sons. Next maybe I will add some terminators.

However the terminators have not happened yet and I have literally dusted off an incomplete helldrake and started painting it to match. I also re-purposed some 30k marines into pre Heresy Thousand Sons.

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Warhammer 40k: Necrons

I’ve decided to archive some of my older models on my website. So First up

Warhammer 40k Necrons:

Most of the models are from the 3rd edition launch boxset with some additions. Unfortunately some of the models are in quiet poor condition (in particular the monolith) and are going to need some cleaning. But for now


Necron Lord Special edition which came with the army boxed set


Necron Warriors, I used different colour chest plates for different squads (These are blue)


Necron Scarabs


Necron Destroyers


Necron Monolith

Necron Tomb Spiders


Necron Wraiths

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Imperial Knight Ready to be Painted

As a fan of giant robots and walkers I had to get myself one of the new Imperial Knights (new as in the model, the idea goes back to the Titan Legion/Epic games workshop era)


All ready for painting (which I have now found the perfect time to do some in). Got some Nucoal Gears to finish off first though


Now a work in progress


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