Heavy Gear

The Heavy Gear Universe is the work of Canadian game publisher Dream Pod 9 (also known as DP9). The First release of Heavy Gear was a card based game and was released in 1994. Today the Heavy Gear is represented by Heavy Gear Blitz, Arena and Badlands Rally. these all use 1:144 scale miniatures which are cross compatible. There also exists a “Fleet Scale” game which uses different scale miniatures and is currently on limited production runs.



Heavy Gear Blitz!:

The current tactical version of Heavy Gear is know as”Blitz!” and of which the Locked & Loaded (DP9-9996) rule book was released in 2006, it contains the rules as well as army lists for the Terra Nova factions. The majority of this book has been superseded by the 2011 Field Manual (DP9-9997) and some of the army list have been replaced with the release of Perfect Storm – NuCoal Field Guide (DP9-9191),  Forged In Fire – Southern Field Guide (DP99266e) and most recently the Peace River Army List: Blood Debt.

Heavy_Gear_Blitz-Grizzly[Heavy Gear 1:144 Grizzly from Heavy Gear Wikipedia Page]

Blitz is a combined arms tactical game with the most identifiable feature been Gears, one man bipedal machines with wide ranging weapons and abilities. On this website you will find pictures of miniatures which I have painted to a simple standard with the aim of building interest and possibly helping out people who wish to try some for themselves.



Heavy Gear Arena:

In 2010 DP9 Released Heavy Gear Arena. At you may have guessed this game focuses on arena combat with gears. It uses different rules to Blitz! and is best enjoyed as a campaign style game other a period of time.



Heavy Gear Badlands Rally:

Released in 2013




fleetscale[Fleet Scale Miniatures: DP9 Photo]





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