Transformers Takara Tomy MP-22 Masterpiece Ultra Magnus

Transformers Takara Tomy MP-22 Masterpiece Ultra Magnus. This is repro labelled up. The cab is detachable and copies details from MP-10 Optimus Prime’s alt mode.

One Draw back of this figure is there is no wist rotation. ┬áMaybe he “can’t deal with that now” but he’s not the worst autobot leader (See Armada’s Hot Shots Launch speech)

ultra magnus_mp22_3
ultra magnus_mp22_2
He does have a Matrix compartment but he is not supplied with one and so it must be taken from MP-10

ultra magnus_mp22_1
ultra magnus_mp22_8
ultra magnus_mp22_6
The detached Cab

ultra magnus_mp22_5
ultra magnus_mp22_4
ultra magnus_mp22_7
Loaded up for a suicide mission at Devastator, say good bye the 1985 toy line.

MP-10’s Matrix; nope he was not worthy (he really needed a meaningful introduction before the movie)

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